Saturday, 8 October 2011

Flying with a baby - how we survived and my 5 top tips on flying with a baby

Remember my panicky post about going on holiday with a baby two weeks ago? Well, we are back and there was not the slightest reason to panic. Amy was an absolute diamond and we had an absolutely fantastic time with my family. Even my biggest worry, flying with a 5 month old baby, was completely unnecessary as Amy was on her best behaviour and slept during both flights and as you can see in the slightly blurry picture below.

We flew with Easyjet from Bristol to Berlin Schoenefeld and although I had done some research online, I didn't know exactly what to expect? Do you check in your pram at check-in or do you keep it with you until you board the plane? What happens to the car seat? How does the baby seat belt look like? How does it work and how do you stop your baby from kicking off whilst on board the plane? I had absolutely no experience about traveling with a baby and I think this is what scared me the most. Along with the stressed parents and screaming babies I have seen on previous flights, of course.
Amy really made me proud though and I really think now, that if you follow some simple steps, you too can have a relaxed flight and start into your well deserved holiday!

Here are my five top tips for parents that fly with babies:

1. Make sure that you arrive at the airport in time
If possible even arrive a bit earlier than planned, so that you can make sure that you can check in your luggage plus buggy, car seat or travel cot without getting stressed. With Easyjet you can get your items tagged at check-in and then decide if you want to keep them until you board the airplane (a member of staff brings them into cargo for you when you board) or if you want to leave them at check-in before proceeding to security. 

2. Take a sling
The queues at security, passport control and baggage reclaim can be long and even the lightest baby can get heavy when holding them, so make sure you take a sling so that your little one and you are comfy while waiting and you have your hands free for luggage, passports & co. 

3. Pack wisely
When carrying a baby, pulling your suitcases or wearing a rucksack you don't want to carry any unnecessary excess weight with you, so make sure that you pack wisely. Nappies can be bought wherever you go and so can dummies, formula and many other baby items. What you really want to focus on is your changing bag. Pack enough nappies for the time at the airport, the flight and possible delays. Take spare clothes for you and your little ones - think explosive nappies, sicky babies - and don't forget a blanket and a couple of toys.

4.Get your little one sucking
It is important for your little one to be sucking on something during take-off and landing to help them to cope with the pressure that builds up in their ears, so have a bottle ready (you will have to get cartons in one of the shops), give your baby a dummy or breastfeed them when taking off. Breastfeeding with a seat belt around you and your baby isn't the most comfortable thing in the world but Amy even managed to fall asleep during both our flights.

5. Don't panic
I know that I did panic but most of the airport staff are really understanding and helpful. Don't feel ashamed to ask them for help and don't be afraid to accept help if they are offering it to you. The less you have to do, the less you can feel stressed about and that can only be a good thing, don't you think?


  1. I've flown a couple of times now with Joseph, actually its 6 times. I've found it so much harder now he is 2 and half than when he was small. I do agree a sling is must have, and that it will be no where near as bad as you think it will! I love flying with my little one!

  2. Great tips, I'm glad the flight & holiday went well for you :)

  3. I was so scared of flying with a baby that we didn't. First we took the car to France, Then when they were eighteen months and three we took a train to Italy,only when they were three and five did we brave Ryanair to Spain. We were more paranoid about them measuring our hand luggage than anything else but the general sense of panic meant we did not reclaim their bottles of milk from the liquid testing department after they were taken away- so we were on the plane with no milk and nothing babyproof for them to drink out off and we had no bottles or beaker for several days into the holiday. So watch out for this one. Staying calm is a good tip and don't forget you can take one pushchair/ car seat per child at no extra cost and without it affecting your hand luggage allowance!

  4. i think you did very well!! i worried about taking Jenson (or Burton when he was a baby) on the bus lol
    some really great tips there Carolin so thank you and what a gorgeous piccie of Amy xx

  5. Good tips. I'm flying with Talitha in December to Trinidad. She'll be 6 months so I'm a bit nervous. The only thing I'd mention is that you do need to pack formula if youre unlikely to get the same brand at your destination as it's not good to switch brands. Thankfully, it's now fine to take whatever milk and food you need for your baby through security.

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