100 things

  1. Finish my degree
  2. Get a driving license
  3. Make a scrapbook for Amy
  4. Brush up on my French
  5. Write a book
  6. Learn how to decorate a cake
  7. Buy a house
  8. Visit 20 European capitals
  9. Fly in a hot air balloon
  10. Improve my cooking skills
  11. See a West End musical
  12. Read 'Anna Karenina'
  13. Learn how to play tennis
  14. Go to a car boot sale
  15. Don't pass my phobia of snakes onto Amy
  16. Set up my own business
  17. Have a chocolate fountain
  18. Swim 2 miles
  19. Go snorkeling
  20. Eat in a restaurant with a Michelin star
  21. Read 100 top novels
  22. Take Amy to Disney Land
  23. Have more children
  24. Sleep in a castle
  25. Go abseiling
  26. Be published in a glossy magazine
  27. Learn how to use a sewing machine
  28. Spend a night at the Savoy
  29. Take Ben to a Wimbledon final
  30. Buy a greenhouse
  31. Do a trip around Italy
  32. Attend Cybermummy 2012
  33. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  34. Climb a volcano
  35. See the Wonders of the World
  36. Attend a cookery class
  37. See a movie in a drive-in cinema
  38. Stand under a waterfall
  39. Go clay pigeon shooting
  40. See the Mona Lisa
  41. Adopt an animal
  42. Have a drink at the Ice Bar
  43. Learn how to edit photos
  44. Spend a day in a record studio
  45. See Alan Carr live
  46. Watch all Johnny Depp movies
  47. Grow a Bonsai tree
  48. Spend a night on the beach
  49. Finish a 365 day photo project
  50. Send a message in a bottle
  51. Do 100 sit-ups in a row
  52. Blow glass
  53. Bring Amy up bi-lingual 
  54. Plant a tree
  55. Be in the audience of a TV show
  56. Be happy with my weight
  57. Write a blog post a day for a year
  58. Go on a cruise
  59. Complete the Rubik's Cube
  60. Take a photography class
  61. Learn how to juggle
  62. Have a food fight
  63. Hand-make chocolate
  64. Win an award
  65. Do the Mum's Race on Sport's Day although I hate running
  66. Translate another book
  67. Revamp the living room
  68. Revamp the bedroom
  69. Sleep in a tree house
  70. Go on a biathlon holiday
  71. Have a professional photo shoot
  72. Go to a Premier League match
  73. Do a dance class
  74. Swim with dolphins
  75. Fly in a helicopter
  76. Ride a mechanical bull
  77. Join a choir
  78. Get married
  79. Make my bed every day for a year
  80. Build an igloo
  81. Attend my children's wedding
  82. Kiss under a mistletoe 
  83. Buy a hammock and sleep in it
  84. Go kayaking
  85. Renew my lifeguard certificate
  86. Ride on the Orient Express
  87. Teach Amy to treat people with respect
  88. Visit Eden Project
  89. Create a piece of art that is good enough to be hung up in our home
  90. Visit the British Museum
  91. Invent a board game
  92. Write a children's book
  93. Go to the Winter Olympics
  94. Eat at an undersea restaurant
  95. Visit a planetarium
  96. Watch every movie that has won an Academy Award for Best Picture
  97. Have a spa day
  98. Read Amy a bedtime story every night
  99. Ship all my books over to the UK
  100. Raise £1000 for charity


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