Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Review: Sock Ons or the Sock Monster strikes

Today was the first day that Amy did not wear a baby grow. I dressed her in a grey top saying "I love cuddles, milk and smiling", some cute pink leggings and the most adorable pink socks that, can you believe it, had been eaten by the sock monster within minutes of Amy wearing them.

I only carried Amy from our bedroom into the lounge to find out that when I arrived downstairs, one of her socks had gone. How could she lose a sock on a short way like that? I had heard from lots of mummy friends that babies and toddlers are experts when it comes to getting rid of their socks, but I surely didn't think it was that easy for the little wrigglers to make mummy go on the big sock hunt. After a good search in the lounge, hallway and bedroom, I found the missing sock and remembered that the lovely Kezi from Sock Ons had kindly sent me a pair of her brilliant invention shortly before Amy was born. Sock Ons are made from a softly woven elasticated material and promise to ‘lock’ babies’ socks gently and firmly in place. 

Do they work? Yes, they are easy to put on and Amy's socks are still where they are supposed to be: on her little feet. I do also swear that Amy hasn't even noticed that she's wearing them. They are very light and come in a great range of classic and bright colours, making sure that you can get a pair for every outfit in baby's wardrobe. Also, they are really great value for money retailing at just £2.50 per pair and making sure that you don't have to buy new socks every week. Big thumbs up!


  1. Oh we have those too, but only used when he was young. As they get older they stay on for some reason x

  2. these look great



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