Wednesday, 28 September 2011

5 top tips for skincare in autumn and winter

Dry air and scratchy woolen jumpers can easily become your skin's worst enemy. For Mummy Alarm, Geraldine Howard, Founder of Aromatherapy Associates, passes on her 5 top tips to achieve soft, supple, radiant skin during the harsh winter months.

1. Moisturise
Once a week, apply a layer of products to the face and body before bed. Begin on the face, with a serum, facial oil and moisturiser. If your skin is feeling dry and generally looking a little lacklustre, also apply a mask as an additional layer under the moisturiser to seal in the goodness. Then, layer a body gel, body oil and cream over the whole body. Wrap yourself in loose bed clothing and leave to absorb overnight. You’ll notice an immediate benefit.

2. Pretend it's summer
Get into the habit of looking after the skin as well in the winter as you do all summer. Whilst not as many areas of skin are on show, the better condition you keep your body in throughout the year, the easier it will be when you do wear dresses or sleeveless items in the colder weather.

3. Get massaging
The circulation can be more sluggish in the winter, so it’s important to incorporate massage into your daily routine to keep a radiant complexion. Rather than viewing cleansing as just removing make up each evening, consider it an opportunity to perform a mini-treatment on the whole face. Carry out lots of small circular movements as you apply the product – this is an invaluable way to boost capillary circulation, helping to remove impurities and generate radiant, healthy skin.
4. Scrub it
I recommend a full body exfoliation at least once a week, and the same for the face. But always be conscious of which of your products actually contain a form of exfoliation, so that you don’t overdo it. One of the biggest causes of premature aging is over exfoliation of the skin, which causes inflammation.

5. Don't forget your hair
If you wear a hat in the cooler months, hair can get very dry and become static. Treat it weekly with a nourishing hair oil, massing into the scalp through to the ends of the hair.

Geraldine Howard is President and Co-founder of Aromatherapy Associates, a UK company formed in 1985 to develop specialised aromatherapy products and treatments for spas worldwide. Geraldine has personally worked on all of the Aromatherapy Associates’ formulations and these best-selling blends, known for their high quality essential oils and naturally active ingredients, bear the hallmark of her influence. She trained as a beauty therapist at the London College of Fashion & Beauty and also achieved qualification as an aromatherapist. Geraldine blogs here: Aromatherapy Associates Blog.


  1. Thanks for posting this - I'll certainly be trying number three. I hadn't thought about that, but it's something that's so simple to do. :)

  2. Some really good tips there. I tend to look after my face and forget my body. The skin, on my shins especially, can get really sore.



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