Friday, 25 February 2011

Flashback Friday: 1985 - Showing teeth

1985 - Showing teeth (8 months)

You might have found out that I'm very passionate about my baby and toddler pictures. I have got millions of them and now that I am expecting my first baby I really start to appreciate them. This picture shows me in June 1985 testing me first teeth in my little play pen. Although, I can't remember anything, it seems to have been one of the many lovely summers that I spent in my grandparents' garden.

If you’re interested in trawling back through the photo archives, then pop over to Cafe Bebe every Friday for Flashback Friday.
For now, let’s just get the ball rolling. Look back in your photo archives. It can be a picture of you as a child…your child in the early days/months/years…your house before a makeover…a winter photo…a “one year ago today” photo…The sky’s the limit. Just take us back in time. Share some words to take us there and we can all get nostalgic and smiley remembering “when”. Then, the important part: Go back to Cafe Bebe and add your linky in the gadget below the current Flashback Friday post. Then visit a few blogs to continue the nostalgia and smiley-ness. Simples!


  1. Oh bless...that's adorable! Loving the play pen as well! ;) It's so hysterical to see baby photos from years gone by. Thanks so much for taking part again and promoting Flashback Friday! ;)


  2. Awww what a cutie you were! You had a lot of hair for only 8 months :)

  3. hehe lovely photo :)

    I don't think I ever had a play pen :'( x

  4. lovely pic! before I scrolled down I thought you were in a giant sieve!!

  5. Haha, a giant sieve. Have to consider that for my little one. Sounds a bit more exciting than an ordinary play pen... Lol

  6. 1985 at 8 months've just made me feel very old ;) Great pic I love it...great light on it.



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