Sunday, 27 February 2011

World Book Day: My favourite children's book

It's World Book Day in a couple of days and I thought this would be the perfect chance to share my favourite children's book with you.

As some of you might already know, I grew up in Germany, so I guess you won't be surprised to find out that my favourite book has a German title. It's called “Lustige Geschichten” (“Funny Stories”) and was written and illustrated by the Russian author Wladimir Sutejew. I don't know if there is an English version of the book but if you've got the chance to find it in English, I highly recommend getting it for your little ones. I absolutely adored this book and will definitely get a copy for my little girl.

“Lustige Geschichten” contains thirteen lovely stories whose main characters are a little duckling, a bug, a wolf, a fox, a bear, a swan, a little squirrel, three little cats and many more animals. All of them go on their own little adventures or experience life in many different ways. The stories are suitable for kids of a very young age. They are short, they are beautifully illustrated and they are written in a way that captures both children's and their parents' attention. My mum loved reading this book to me as she knew how much I loved it and when she didn't have the time to read it to me, I just sat down in my little arm chair and read it to myself – at least it looked like that to others, because I knew all the stories by heart. My parents even painted some of the characters on my bedroom wall so I could have them around me at all times – I loved my new wall decoration that much that I got my bright red crayon out and helped them colour the characters in. They weren't impressed, I can say that much, but they still let me read the book to my little sister so I guess they weren't that mad at me...

But what about you? What was your favourite book or which book can't your little one live without? If you want to share your book tips, use the Linky below to link to your book posts and let us collect as many must-reads as possible.


  1. Oh, just one? Impossible... One of my early favourites was Flippy the Frog (I can still sing the ditty that was repeated on every page).

  2. I liked many books, but "Lustige Geschichten" was my absolute favourite :)



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