Friday, 4 February 2011

The colourful Me: a meme

Yippie, I've been tagged in another meme. This time it was Catherine from Baby Genie who asked me to get thinking about myself or more precisely about what certain colours mean to me. But on to the meme now: Copy the following five colours to your blog post and add what they mean to you. It could be a word, it could be a more detailed description. The important thing is not to think too hard about it.

On a positive note there are snow and big fluffy clouds, on a not so nice note there is white food. You know about my dislike for it if you have read my last meme. If you haven't, it's simple: I do not like white food: no milk, no rice pudding, no egg white and and and...

My hair is brown, dark brown to be precise. Some people do even try to tell me it's black but I tend to end up in endless discussions about it because I think it's simply not right. But back to brown: My leather sofa is brown and comfy, freshly baked bread is yummy and both together make the best combination in the world, no stop, the second best combination. I forgot about my big passion for chocolate.

Our new pram for our baby girl is purple and I can't wait to use it and purple is also the colour of my bedroom wall. And yepp, there are Deep, Deep Purple. I do not particularly like or dislike them. They just came to my mind when I read the word purple.

To be honest orange is always a tad too bright for me to fully like it. I wouldn't paint my walls orange nor would I wear anything orange. It makes me look pale and it's just too much for me. It's my boyfriend's favourite colour though.

Tennis balls, the sun and bananas – I like the first two (Well, wait a minute liking tennis balls is a bit odd, isn't it? Let's say I don't mind them as they make my boyfriend, who is a keen tennis player, happy.) but I can't stand bananas. They make me gag and I don't like their smell either. But hey, baby chicks are yellow, aren't they? They are cute...

But now it's on to you, ladies. I tag Carol from New Mummy's Tips, Karin from Café Bébé and Jenny from Mummy Mishaps. Can't wait to read about your colourful confessions.


  1. Interesting must get my thinking cap on!

  2. Yeah, it's a slightly different one :D

  3. Love your colour analysis and thanks for carrying on the meme! My (hopefully) sister in law to be is exactly the same about bananas - I once gave her banana boat suncream to use, whoops!



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