Friday, 17 June 2011

Mummy Alarm's Big Father's Day Gift Guide

In the build-up to Father's Day my better half has been spoiled rotten with lots of lovely gifts from various companies and their representatives. There is some seriously great stuff amongst the things we were sent and we simply want to use this post to give you an idea of what to get if you haven't done your Father's Day shopping yet:

The clever people from Toblerone have come up with a treat that both daddy and I absolutely loved: the "Dad of the Year" bar. I know, I know it's Father's Day but which mummy could resist a whopping 400g of delicious chunky chocolate triangles infused with honey and almond nougat? Not me! At £4.69 the bar is really great value for money and if you are clever and don't invite me round, it will last you ages. You might even be lucky and win a holiday to Switzerland with your bar.

When we found out that we were expecting our little girl, Ben instantly decided that he was going to stop smoking. He went to see the NHS Quit Nurse and never looked back (You can't believe how proud I am of him). The only treat he had since than is a cigar for Amy's birth and apparently you don't even smoke but puff them. Well, to make sure that daddy's lungs do really stay healthy, I'll just feed him Chocolate Cigars from Rococo Chocolates now. Ok, with a price of £6.99 they are slightly pricier than a real cigar but at least you'll get a crunchy hazelnut praline covered in dark and milk chocolate for it and not some dry leaves.

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” - Ben is no exception to this rule and absolutely mad for a good steak... or two. Knowing men, The East London Steak Co. has put together a special gift box for all the dad’s that love their meat. It contains a variety of quality cuts including a 600g t-bone, a 350g rib eye, sirloin and rump. As well as a 300g bavette and onglet steak and their signature Classic Rub. We haven't tried the meat yet, but be sure to visit Ben's cooking blog 'Just Mad Cooking' for a thorough review and to find out what he cooked. The box costs £35, which we thought is really reasonable for a big box full of quality meat.

"Hmmmmm delicious" was what you could hear from our mouths when we tested Delimann's 'Devonshire Cream Tea' that was delivered to our doorstep and allowed us to indulge in this authentic West Country treat without having to leave our house or stand in the kitchen for hours. The beautifully packed gift box comes with two oversized Devon scones, extra thick clotted cream, Devon strawberry jam, a rich and moist fruit cake and tea so good that daddy says it's the best one he has ever tried. All that you get for just £15 plus delivery. In our eyes this deserves a big thumbs up and a big order from us.

You might have found out that Amy's daddy is a bit of a foodie. So it's not surprise that he looks like a serious hoarder when it comes to kitchen sauces, oils and everything that makes a meal that little bit nicer. The newest addition to his collection is a set of Tabasco® sauces that he can carry around with him wherever he goes. The range starts with 57ml bottles that easily sit on the table and goes up to a gallon-sized jug that will the perfect choice for hot pepper sauce fanatics, real chilli heads and true Tabasco® fans.

Radox have brought out a new range of 2in1 Shower Gel & Shampoo and Body Scrubs just in time for Father's Day and have kindly sent daddy some samples to try. He was delighted as he is a big Radox fan and instantly jumped under the shower. His verdict: as foamy and refreshing as the original and just what a new daddy needs to wake up in the morning. The new range is available in Watermint & Sea Minerals, Lime & Ginger, Mint & Tea Tree and Lemon & Tea Tree and comes with the famous Radox hook, making sure that daddy leaves enough space for mummy's bubble bath, shampoos and conditioners. RPP £1.99

Formulated to leave you feeling like royalty every day, Kings & Queens is a unisex brand harnessing the beauty and wellbeing benefits of herbs and spices. Their products are actually so beautiful that the man of our house thought the bubble bath was for me. I wish - the products don't only look beautiful, they do also smell absolutely divine. I think I might have to have a sneaky bubble bath myself - I'm the one who made him a daddy after all! Kings & Queens soaps retail from £3 onwards.

God, what were we excited when the SodaStream Fizz Drink Maker arrived. Ben and I have both childhood memories of creating our own fizzy drinks but the SodaStream isn't what it was back then. It is better! It comes in a new stylish design and has a digital display for an accurate and timely amount of bubbles. The SodaStream Fizz even allows you do dose how fizzy you want your drink and displays how much CO2 is left in your cylinder. Also the range of flavours has greatly improved with dozens of different tastes to choose from. Our absolute favourite is Cherry but we've got still quite a lot left to try. SodaStreams retail between £40 and £150 - the SodaStream Fizz costs £119.

As it looks like we are having yet another rainy BBQ season, our new George Foreman Easy Clean Grill & Melt Family Grill might become a real life saver this summer. Instead of standing next to the BBQ wearing wellies and holding an umbrella while flipping burgers, we can now grill tasty meats in the comfort of our kitchen - quick & easy. But that's not the only great thing about our Easy Clean & Melt Grill: It combines the unique grill and melt feature with removable plates and comes with a digital timer making sure that I don't ruin yet another meal. The family-sized grill retails at £89.99 but is currently on offer for £70.

Hot snacks from fish fingers to pizza slices or even chips - the limited edition Toastadad is a truly versatile kitchen helper. You can even make sandwiches and naan-breads with it and all you have to do is pop them in the bag and toast them until hot. Easy, don't you think? The limited edition pack for Father's Day comes with Dads’ Favourites recipe booklet and two gold, re-usable Toastabags (up to 100 uses). With a price of £1.99 for two bags, the Toastadads are great value for money and a life saver for stressed first time parents. 

Every daddy loves his gadgets and if your better half or daddy is anything like mine you'll know that the amount of cables needed for mobile, iPod, Playstation and all the other devices can be a real source of danger. The Powermat puts an end to tangled cables. Just pop a Powermat receiver on your device, drop it on the Powermat, and watch it start charging. At £69.99 the price might seem a bit steep but the Powermat will last you for ages and its intelligent technology will help you reduce your energy bill in the long run. Thumbs up!

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