Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Amy babbles: Wimbledon

I don't know if mummy has already told you but I love watching tennis. At the moment there is a big tournament on telly that mummy and daddy call Wimbledon. Players from all over the world play against each other and when I wake up from my lunchtime nap mummy lets me watch one or two matches. Normally, I like to keep mummy and daddy busy. They have to play with me or sing stupid songs to make sure that I don't get bored but when mummy lets me watch tennis I am really quiet. I sit on her lap and watch what the players are doing. When they miss the ball I say "Uuh" and when my favourite player wins I smile at the telly. 

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Tennis is really important in our family. Daddy played lots of tennis when he was a little boy. He played every weekend and even on some school nights. My grampy Dave says daddy was really good and that he even beat children that were older and bigger than himself. Daddy still loves tennis: Today, my Uncle William came to our house and the two played Wimbledon in our garden. They gave each other funny names like Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi or Roger Federer and jumped from one side to the other. Daddy always wanted to be Boris Becker. I think he likes him because he's German just like mummy. Sometimes daddy shows me tricks he does with the tennis racket. When he does that, he speaks of 'Phase 1' and smiles at mummy. I don't know what that means but I find daddy's tricks really funny so I give him my biggest smile and hope he plays tennis with me when I am older. Now I have to go to sleep though. Watching tennis all day is really hard work when you are a baby. 

Do you like watching Wimbledon?

Does your daddy also play tennis in the garden?

Who do you think will win?

Amy x

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