Sunday, 23 January 2011

5 top tips on how to furnish a nursery on a budget

As there are only about 11 weeks left until we meet our little girl it is about time to start thinking about how to create the perfect nursery for our little one. Of course, everyone wants the most beautiful room for their baby but what if money is tight and you are on a budget? Don't fear, in the coming post I will show you five different ways of furnishing your baby's room without declaring bankruptcy once you are done.

Spread the cost
Lots of retailers do offer you to open a credit account. This way you can either pay the price in small monthly installments that suit your budget or even buy the furniture now without paying anything for up to one year. It's always worth to shop around, though, because the APR might vary from retailer to retailer – some might even offer you interest free credits when you buy from them.

Ask family and friends
If you don't insist on buying all your furniture brand new, why not ask family and friends if they want to get rid of exactly the things that you are looking for? Hand-me-downs are a great way to save money and with them coming from people you know you can be sure to receive items that come from a clean house hold.

Car boot sales
Bargain hunters that don't mind spending a day or two at a car boot sale might be able to find the perfect item for their nursery. You will have to keep your eyes open and turn up early, but if you are lucky you might make a great bargain that allows you to splash out your money at another place. And don't forget all the stories that come with your retro cot bed or wardrobe.

Gumtree, Ebay & Co.
If you rather shop from the comfort of your home then websites such as Gumtree, Ebay or Trade it are a great way to hunt down bargains without having to spend a day in the cold. You can choose between trying your luck at an auction or buying products with a set price. Lots of products are second hand but you will also be able to find brand new products that are a fair bit cheaper than the ones you find in the shops.

Almost every town or city in the UK has a Freecyle group by now and that means that you can pick up lovely furniture without spending a penny. Just register online, let people know what you are looking for or rummage in their offers. The items you'll get are second hand, but the only thing you'll pay for is the petrol when you pick them up. Fair deal, isn't it?

My next post will give you five ideas on how to decorate your nursery without having to rob a bank.Think being creative and some DIY.



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