Monday, 17 January 2011

Review: WellStart Child Development Tracker

Product: WellStart Child Development Tracker
Price: £9.98
Buy from: WellStartAmazon or Play
Suitable for: future parents or parents
Score out of 5: 4 out of 5
Initial Reaction: What do I do first? But don't worry, the software is so easy to use that even technical embryos start exploring instantly.
Pros: lots of easy to understand information that is updated regularly, possibility to upload your own photos and information
Cons: missing pictures of child development in weekly overview
Value for money? Brilliant

We have started using the software a couple of weeks after finding out we are expecting our first baby and I have to say I am glad we've got it installed. The software is basically self-explanatory and whenever we want to read up on the development of our baby girl (and that is a lot), we can simply log on and find all the information we need in one of the many texts provided on the different stages of pregnancy. As daddy-to-be isn't a keen reader, it is brilliant that all the texts are really short and easy to understand, however not lacking any of the information you need to understand what is happening inside your body.
What I really love about the WellStart Child Development Tracker is that all the information provided is by medical experts, so you can be sure you don't trust the “knowledge” of wannabe-experts. Another brilliant feature is the calendar that enables you to keep track of all your appointments and also allows you to update the different stages of pregnancy with your own media.
Altogether, I am really happy we are using the WellStart software because it gives us the safety future parents need to fully enjoy the long 9 months before holding our baby in our arms. The only thing I am missing are pictures that show me how my baby's looks change from week to week but I can check out the software's online service for that, so it really isn't a big deal.

I have tested this product for New Mummy's Tips Parent Panel. If you are interested in giving the software a test run yourself, click here for a free trial.

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