Thursday, 20 January 2011

Review: dreamgenii® Pregnancy Support & Feeding Pillow

Being seven months pregnant I do know from my own experience that once your belly starts growing it is quite common to get restless at night and to have difficulties to find a comfortable position to sleep in. What I didn't know is that clever mummy and entrepreneur Vanessa Blake developed the perfect solution for all sleepless mummies-to-be: the dreamgenii® Pregnancy Pillow.

The award winning pregnancy pillow consists of a back support cushion and a quilted pad as well as of a bump support cushion and a leg support. When we first opened the parcel I was sent from dreamgenii® my boyfriend and me had a good giggle about the funny looking shape of the pillow but after reading the instructions and explainations on the packaging the design of the pillow soon made sense. The pillow which is being recommended by midwives and also used in countless delivery suits around the UK does not only support you back, bump and knees, it does also help you to lie on your left hand side which is the best position for pregnant women and their babies. I have known that sleeping on your left side supplies your baby with the best possible amount of oxygen, however, I have always struggled to get comfortable on my left side. I either couldn't get comfortable or I had problems staying on my left side falling back into my routine of sleeping on my belly. Having used the pillow for a week now I can say that it has changed my sleep completely. I have no problems getting comfortable anymore and I have noticed that I don't even turn around during the night but remain in the position I fell asleep in. The only problem is that my better half found out about the benefits of the pillow and tries nicking it off me in the night, but there is no way I'm going back to restless nights and bags under my eyes – at least not until our baby girl is born. But comfotable sleeping isn't the only thing the dreamgenii® Pregnancy Pillow has to offer. Another benefit is that the pillow doesn't become useless once you gave birth. It easily turns into a feeding pillow and helps you to sit in a comfortable position while breast or bottle feeding your baby.

Ok, at first glance the price of £45.99 might seem a bit high for a pillow but having tested it I would highly recommend it to everyone that is struggling to get comfortable at night. I wouldn't have thought I would ever say this as I have never had any problems sleeping but there is nothing more valuable than a good night's sleep and comfort.

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