Sunday, 16 January 2011

Seven Secrets

As you might see from the number of posts on my blog, I am relatively new to the world of mummy blogs, however New Mummy has tagged my blog on her website so that all my readers will get to know me a bit better by reading seven of my well-kept secrets.

1. Lots of people think I am quite tough. Well, usually that is right but as soon as I watch a film that has only the slightest element of sadness in it I turn into the biggest crybaby ever seen. My worst moment so far was watching "Evita" - I started crying during the intro just because I found the music really emotional.

2. I can handle spiders and all other creepy crawlies but as soon as I see a snake (be it on telly or in a zoo or any other situation) I freak out big time. And if I say big time I actually mean humongously - sweaty hands, shaking, panic and night mares that scare the living daylight out of my better half.

3. I hate white food: egg white, milk, rice pudding and fish are only a few of the white things I wouldn't even want close to my mouth. I find them that disgusting that I sometimes even refuse washing sauce pans that had these things in them, because I don't want to touch them. Breast feeding is going to be fun!

4. I'm singing everywhere and always. I used to sing in a choir for more than 13 years and sang many solos in front of hundreds of people, but I get stage fright when friends and family want me to sing to them. Weird, I know.

5. I'm rather cold than too hot. That's why I don't like to have the heating running when I am driving and I never blow dry my hair.

6. I can cope really well with pain but as soon as I get a local anaesthetic my body goes all funny and I faint although actually feeling absolutely fine.

7. When I was about 15 I had the biggest crush ever on a boy that went to my school. So far not really unusual, but when I saw him walking on the other side of the road and noticed I was wearing really unsexy tracksuit buttoms, I put my magazine up and pretended I was reading. Massive fail: Just that moment I  noticed that I held my magazine the wrong way round and got so embarrassed that I tripped over the kerb and pulled a ligament.

To make this whole thing even more fun I am tagging 15 of the blogs that I am reading regularly hoping they'll join the game and share some of their secrets. Here they are: Mediocre Mum, All Baby Advice Blog, Mummy loves, Scottish Mum Blog, Baby Baby, New Mummy, All about the Boys, Baby Budgeting, Mummy Mishaps, Something Blue, Mostly Yummy Mummy, Mummy's Shoes, Rosie Scribble, Plus 2.4 and last but not least My funny Bunny.


  1. Great secrets, you can't tag me back that's cheating!! Lol x

  2. fab secrets loving the magazine one!

  3. oh, no ! SEVEN ! I am sure I don't have that many secrets. I will do my best to think up something interesting . Thanks for the tag (I think) xx

  4. Lovely post. I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't like white food!! Thanks for the tag.

  5. Blimey 7 secrets!., *puts thinking cap on* ok. Will give it a go :) thanks for the tag.
    That story about the magazine and the boy you fancied is funny, I may have a similar tale I could share although. Didn't injure myself I just looked stupid!

  6. Ladies, you won't believe how embarrassing that was. And yepp, the white food one is weird. Worst bit is whenever someone finds out they go through a list of white foods hoping they'd find an exception to the rule. No, no milk! No, no mouldy cheese. Nope, no eggs either...

  7. Haha, I could live on white food! What about white chocolate?
    Thanks for the tag x

  8. Well, although called white chocolate for me it is kind of yellowish. So I can, yeah even have to have it. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? lol x



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