Thursday, 7 April 2011

National Schools 'Storyonics' Competition

I usually don't publish press releases but I think this one might be interesting for all mums and dads of children in year 5 and 6 year of primary education. There are some great educational toys up for grabs and the literacy competitions offered for the different age groups do really look fun. I still remember taking part in reading and literacy competitions when I went to school and I absolutely loved them. If your little one's year loves a challenge then let their teacher know that registration is now open for the National Schools Storyonics Competition

There are over £10,000 worth of prizes including 500 sets of 'Storyonics for PC/Whiteboard' worth £19.99 for 500 lucky participating schools to be won in the prize draw. First prize for the winning class is £1,000 worth of educational toys and games with second and third prizes of £500 and £250 respectively. At the beginning of September participating schools will receive 12 slides each with four images. The class selects one image from each slide and creates a story for submission before the half term break. This is a wonderful opportunity to encourage imagination and creativity while incorporating curriculum literacy skills in a fun way.
The competition is run by ZooBooKoo to celebrate the National Year of Communication and in recognition of schools' services to children's literacy learning. The competition is supported by The Communication Trust and Volunteer Reading Help.
Schools can register by visiting and clicking on Storyonics Competition. It only takes one minute to register - a minute which will bring hours of fun to your child's learning and the chance to win great resources for your school. So do remember to mention it to your child's teacher.


  1. i think all schools should encourage their pupils to enter contests like this. Surely the desire to win a prize will encourage even the least interested to put some effort into their writing.
    Just a thought. xx

  2. Looks like a great competition - I'll make sure I let our teachers know x

  3. Great competition for schools.



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