Saturday, 16 April 2011

What's in my fridge? - A Meme

It's been quite a while since I did my last meme so I'm kind of excited that I've been tagged by Jenny. I now have to show you all what's in my fridge and I have to admit that I couldn't help but giggle to myself because our weekly shopping had just been delivered a couple of hours ago - lucky me!
I didn't manage to take a picture of what's in the doors because they shut every time I stopped holding them but they store mainly drinks such as 2 bottles of cranberry-raspberry soda (made with our new SodaStream), 4 pints of milk, a bottle of Pepsi and some Cherryade. In the top shelf of the door we store all sorts of sauces and various kinds of mustard - daddy to be is a passionate chef so you can imagine he's got quite a big repertoire of things to chuck into a meal.
But let me tell you about the main part of the fridge and let's work strategically from top to bottom: At the top we've got lots of dairy products such as different cheeses, cream, butter, mascarpone and also some salad sauces. I've heard somewhere that dairy is best stored on the top shelf. No idea, if that's actually true but I've stored it there ever since.
On the middle shelf there are a whole chicken for tomorrow's roast dinner, several sliced meats such as ham, turkey breast, salami and beef and some freshly diced beef for a Beef Stroganoff that we are going to cook at the beginning of the week. As we were running out of space I had to store some cat food on the same shelf as well as some lemon juice - brilliant combination, don't you think?
A bit further down, we've got a big pack of eggs, 2 packs of cranberry juice, 2 packs of orange juice, some innocent smoothies, Glorious soups (very yummy) and some beer for daddy to be and grandad to be who'll arrive later tonight with grandma and aunty to be. 
The two bottom drawers are reserved for everything healthy: cucumbers, peppers, parsnips, mushrooms, tomatoes, coriander, rosemary onions, shallots - we love fresh vegetables and herbs, so we always try to make sure we've got plenty of them at home. They just make every meal that little bit nicer, don't you think? We're also big fans of fresh fruit but as that's not stored in the fridge, you'll unfortunately won't be able to see my mahoosive collection of pineapples (I'm overdue), apples, pears and oriental pears. Maybe next time...

Right now I can't wait to find out what these lovely people have in their fridges:
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  1. That's exactly how our fridge looks after a food delivery. Approximately one day later it's empty and I can't explain where all the food has gone!



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