Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Review: Dark Choc Florentines

Product: Belgian Dark Choc Florentines by Fudges

Price: £3.32

Available from: Fudges Online, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda

Suitable for: every age although probably more for older kids and adults

Initial Reaction:
The florentines come in a lovely packaging and the picture on the front shows them covered in a thick layer of dark chocolate. How couldn't you want to have them all at once?

Pros: They are a delicious treat: chewy, light and with a layer of indulgent Belgian chocolate.

Cons: I couldn't find any, although they are a bit expensive if you want them as a daily treat. Well, at least if you like them as much as I did.

Value for money: Average

Overall reaction:
I was sent a package of Fudges' Belgian Dark Chocolate Florentines and couldn't wait to try them. Their packaging looked really inviting and I wasn't disappointed when I opened the package to try what truly is a divine chocolate treat. The florentines are made of the finest ingredients, combining roasted almonds with fresh ginger and indulgent dark Belgian chocolate. They make a perfect treat and go rather well with a nice cup of tea or coffee, but don't worry they're also really nice if you have them on their own. The only thing that would stop me from buying them on a daily basis is their price. They retail at £3.32 and there are only eight florentines in a package. So if you want to offer them to guests when you have a full house or eat them on a daily basis, it might get a little expensive for you. For a special occasion they are absolutely fine and I'm sure I'll treat my family to them when we are meeting for our Easter get-together.



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