Monday, 11 April 2011

Patience isn't one of my strengths

Baby girl isn't due for at least another three days but I've been feeling like a cat on a hot tin roof for at least two weeks now. I've been going on long walks, had about 5 curries within a week and a half and God knows how many pineapples, but nothing is happening. No twinges, no braxton hicks, nothing! I was really hoping that baby girl was going to be a bit early considering she's quite tall already, but it looks like she's got different plans. Her grandparents and aunty are coming from Germany on Saturday and I already see myself greeting them with a big belly instead of a baby in my arms. That's not how I planned things! But I guess you just can't plan pregnancy and I'll just have to wait and aaaah be patient. Did I tell you that patience isn't one of my strengths? No? Well, it isn't and people asking me if there are any news on a daily basis really do not help. As if I wouldn't tell anyone.  
The absolute highlight was my nan. I ring her at least twice a week to catch up on how she is and how things are back at home in Germany and she seriously asked me if I was going to phone her when the baby was born. No, I'll send a pigeon. I mean, how on earth could I not tell her about something I am so desperately waiting for?

How did you cope during the last stages of pregnancy? Did you try anything to make baby come out earlier and if, did it work?


  1. I can imagine how you must be feeling, Carolin! Hang in there, she's coming soon! Due dates are torturous. Few babies actually prove them right. I think the figures four per cent which is likely not at all what you want to hear! Anyway, I'm sure your family will be very supportive when they arrive, whether the baby's in or out.

  2. I didn't get to the last stages as my daughter was born 3 weeks early! I'm not a huge fan of curry so perhaps it's a good job! wishing you all the best with the next few days.

    CJ xx

  3. I know what you mean - Baby O was 9 days late and I was beside myself! I tried walking up a very steep hill (actually the local ski slope minus the snow!), followed by doing nothing but lie on the sofa, read books and watch DVDs the following day. Seems to have worked as my water broke that evening and he was born early the next morning.
    I hope the little one arrives soon!

  4. Fiddle with your nipples (releases hormones that stmulate the uterus!)
    Sex! Semen stimulates the uterus to contract!
    Other than that? Not much else I can offer! Try a hotter curry ;-)
    She will be here soon enough and then you will be wishing you had a moment to yourself! So do try and enjoy the last few days to yourself :D

  5. Thanks for your comments, ladies. I know she'll come out once she's cooked but I swear she's just trying to wind us up. Such a cheek monkey :) And oh God, some of the ways to get things going ate the last things on my mind, haha...



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