Friday, 1 July 2011

Mummy Alarm Review: New Rowntrees Sharing Bags

A couple of days ago, we were sent the newest members of the Rowntree family. Normally, it takes us a while to thoroughly test the products we are asked to review but, if you know me, you'll know that this one was a quickie. Sweets simply don't survive long in our household, mainly because of me, and if they are as nice as these ones they are gone even quicker.

Rowntree’s was created when the first tasty tube of Fruit Pastilles hit the shelves in 1881. After that came Fruit Gums (1893), Tooty Frooties (1963) and their famous Jelly Tots (1967). Less than 3 years ago Rowntree’s Randoms were introduced to the UK public and now Rowntree's have given birth to three new family members that I'm proud to introduce to you: 

Jelly Aliens, Sour Faces & Very Berry Jellies!

Jelly Aliens are much less scary than their friends in the famous Aliens Triology and oh so delicious. You could even say they are out of this world - get the joke? Rowntree's Sour Faces & Very Berry Jellies are the company's fruitiest sweets to date, each being made of 50% fruit juice - so much healthier than other fruit gums! All three sweets come in 185g bags and are the perfect size to share them with the whole family or, if you are a greedy bone like me, to eat yourself. My absolute favourite were the Very Berry Jellies. They are really fruity, come in my favourite flavour and aren't as hard as for example wine gums. The Sour Faces have a great fizzy taste to them and the Jelly Aliens were on top of Ben's list. I liked the fruitiness of them but they have a marshmellow layer on the bottom and if you have read my blog right from the start you'll know that white food and I have a bit of a tricky relationship. But that's just me being funny. 
Altogether, the new sharing bags make a great addition to Rowntree's range as well as your sweet tins. Especially as they are very reasonably priced with an average price of £1.55 per bag.

If you want to find out more about Rowntree's range or play games like the Bouncing Maiden, visit

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