Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Amy Update Week 1-13: Why I am a jammy farm animal

I know, I know - everyone told me that time flies when you are having a baby, but if I am being honest, I didn't expect it to fly this quickly. Amy is 13 weeks old now and I can't believe how much she has grown since I held her in my arms for the very first time.
When she was born, she was a 8lbs 8oz feather weight and only 50cms long. At 9 weeks (which is the last time we had her weighed and measured), Amy weighed a lovely 11lbs and 4oz and measured 59cm. I can't believe my baby is growing this quickly. I have obviously noticed that she was gaining weight and that she was getting taller but it really hit me, when I noticed that daddy had put her in a 3-6 months sleep suit and she didn't look lost in it. 
Amy has also outgrown her Moses basket. Last Wednesday, she moved into her cot and I can proudly say that she absolutely loves her big girl's bed. I was lucky enough to have her sleeping from 9.30pm to around 8.00am since she was 3 weeks old but since she is having more space in her cot, I am now even getting an hour on top of that. Yep, I know the words that all you unlucky mummies out there will call me now: the word starts with jammy and ends with cow...   

Since about 5 weeks we have been getting lots of smiles from Amy and I think it is just a matter of time until I can tickle her first giggle out of her. She is such a happy girl and must be really upset to actually start crying. Everybody tells us how lucky we are to have such a content baby and believe me, we are. Recently, Amy is trying more and more to laugh out loud but at the moment she can only produce funny noises that make her voice sound really husky. It's just too cute. I think, we are also getting very close to the whole rolling over business. Amy can happily rolls onto her side but there are still a couple of centimeters to go until she either lies on her front or her back. At times, she gets really frustrated about it and she starts grunting (one of the reasons why I call her my little piglet) but most of the time she just grins at me with the proudest smile you could imagine. She loves being cheered and told what a clever little girl she is but hey, don't we all? 

The funniest thing however is nappy changing. Her daddy just has to ask her "Have you made a poo poo" and she breaks out in silent laughter. It's hysterical. She also lifts her legs and her little bum up when she sees that I am unfolding a new nappy - I just hope she'll continue being such a good girl for us. It just makes this whole parenting adventure so much easier...


  1. Lovely post! I too have been blessed with a good sleeper second time around. It's so fab I feel guilty telling people (especially when you hear what a hard time some people are having). Lucky us, hey?

  2. Aww she sounds a little treasure :) so happy that you are enjoying motherhood so much. Time does indeed fly by when you gave a baby shame really. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous girl. Love from her future MIL xx

  3. She is honestly good as gold. She is smiling all day and hardly every cries. It's amazing. Guess, you won't have much trouble with her when she's older LOL xxx

  4. Oh yeah, if I hear that some of my friends have babies that are 8 months and they still haven't through, I feel incredibly blessed :)



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