Monday, 15 August 2011

Can you throw some DIY inspiration at me?

I know that nesting should normally start before a baby is born but with me it seems to be the other way round. Since Amy's birth I have watched hundreds of DIY programs, read dozens of interior design magazines and surfed the internet to find some inspiration for our living room and bedroom but it just won't come to me. It is getting really frustrating because both rooms desperately need a creative overhaul. They are perfectly livable and I am sure many people would be glad to have a home like we do. But I just don't like those rooms anymore. They're plain, boring and just don't feel
We have agreed that we need laminate flooring in our life. Of course, carpet is nice and fluffy, keeps your feet warm and gives your living room a cosy feel but it also is a real pain to clean - especially if you knock things over as much as we do and that is Amy not even included yet. However, we are unable to decide on the colour or wood effect we would like as we haven't got the slightest idea of what overall style we want to go for. Our living room is really small, oddly shaped and worst of all comes with a massive but super comfy leather 3-seater and two big armchairs that restrict how you can arrange your furniture. Also there is only one wall that we can put our telly on so that limits where we can put the 3-seater. You see, it is an interior design  nightmare if you aren't a super clever architects who designs houses for TV shows like '60 Minute Makeover' or 'DIY SOS'.

The same problem strikes in the bedroom. It's shaped like a trapeze, it's small and has one side covered in build-in wardrobes so there's literally one way to put the bed. The worst thing about it are the colour scheme and curtains, though, which are a left-over of our landlady who decided to leave quite a few pieces of furniture (yes, the sofa) behind before moving in with her boyfriend. Fortunately, we could convince her that it would benefit us AND the house if we gave it an overhaul. I don't mind getting my hands dirty, plastering walls or cover myself in dust but first of all we need to decide on what we want. 

Maybe you can help? What do you want in a living room and bed room? Do your rooms have a personal touch or did you go for clean chic? Does your home reflect your character and can you decorate a room without breaking the bank?

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  1. I am in the same boat as you, I have recently moved into a new house that is only a year old and the lady who lived here before has left marks on the wall and there are a few cracks here and there where the plaster has dreid out over the year and it is a typical magnolia everywhere house. I am so happy with the house but now want to decorate it to make it feel like our family home, but I have no idea where to start! The amount I spend on home magazines is ridiculous!



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