Sunday, 14 August 2011

Review: SnoozeShade Plus - sunshade and sleep aid for strollers and prams

Do you know the feeling when you are out and about, the sun is shining and your little one just doesn't want to go to sleep? Thought so. Well, lean back and relax because Cara Sayer has come up with the invention of inventions: The SnoozeShade Plus.

The SnoozeShade Plus is the ultimate sunshade and sleep aid for strollers and prams that allows you to maintain your child's sleep schedule while you are out and about and also protects them from the dangers of sun rays. The SnoozeShade Plus is the further development of the SnoozeShade Original and comes with a new 'lookout' window for your little one to see out. Once they are asleep or you want them to settle for a nap, you can easily zip it up to create a darkened and cosy environment that helps nosy toddlers and babies to switch off and have a snooze. Closed, the SnoozeShade Plus offers one of the highest levels of sun protection available on the stroller sunshade market with UPF50+. But don't worry about your little one overheating. The SnoozeShade Plus is made of a double-layer of soft breathable fabric that allows air to circulate so that your little passenger stays comfy throughout the entire journey.

What I'm thinking about it? For me the SnoozeShade Plus is an absolute must-have during the summer months. Amy is a brilliant sleeper once she is asleep but when we are out and about she always struggles to switch off and relax. The SnoozeShade Plus was a great help with keeping up her sleep routine. Amy wasn't distracted by her environment and could relax and eventually drop off to dream land while still hearing our voices and being protected from the sun light. It also provides protection against mosquitoes and other nasty insects you don't want anywhere near your baby or toddler - brilliant if you like to travel. The lookout window is a great feature to reassure you that your little one is alright and as if the whole idea behind the SnoozeShade Plus wasn't clever enough already, it also fits all popular 3- and 4-wheeled prams, strollers, pushchairs and buggies with a single hood. We are using it with the Mamas and Papas Sola and I am impressed about how easy it is to attach to the pram with its elasticated Velcro straps - it literally takes seconds and even daddy can do it.

Retailing at £29.99 the SnoozeShade Plus is good value for money. It is made of a robust yet light material and offers sun protection and sleeping aid on the go. If you would like to buy a SnoozeShade Plus or Original, check for the latest offers and a list of stockists.

Disclosure: I have been provided with a free SnoozeShade Plus for this review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by SnoozeShade.

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