Friday, 26 August 2011

The DIY and interior design fairy has sprinkled her magic dust on me

Remember when I asked you to throw some inspiration for interior design ideas at me because I had absolutely no idea on what to do with my boring living room? Well, lean back and relax, my lovelies, because the DIY and interior design fairy has sprinkled some of her magic creativity dust on me. I have played around on a website called Olioboard and created several mood boards with different looks for our front room. I have never used so called mood boards before but I remember a friend using them to plan her wedding and I have to say: I am sold on the idea.

While she sat down and used cuttings from magazines and worked with different posters because nothing she wanted fitted on just one sheet of paper, I decided to go all digital in order to save myself time, nerves and hassle. I registered with Olioboard and within minutes I was able to create my first ever mood board. You can simply drag and drop items from a library of accessories or upload your own items, e.g. pieces of your own furniture you want to create a style around. I love the idea of creating mood boards and am already planning the look of the next room. They are super easy to create and just so effective: You don't have to walk around DIY stores to collect paint samples or spend a fortune on decorating magazines that don't inspire you. 

We have decided to go with a kind of Scandinavian look that fits around our humongous brown leather sofa (it's just too comfy to get rid of it) and we will keep all our furniture because all our pieces are only about two years old but we are going to say goodbye to our cream grey carpet carpet and will go for a completely different colour scheme for our walls. At the moment they are painted in a warm brown tone but with all our furniture being dark brown, you can imagine that it can get quite claustrophobic in here. To change this, we have ordered wooden white oak flooring and decided to go for two bright white walls and two walls in a colour called faded malachite (you know exactly what I mean, don't you?).

What do you think of my little interior design project? Which of your rooms would you like to give a makeover and why? Also, if you decide to create a mood board, leave me a link to your blog post...

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