Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sleeping sucks...

... at least if you are my 17 week old daughter. Amy is generally an amazing sleeper. She's been sleeping through since she was 3 weeks old and I know how absolutely lucky I am but the last two nights have been a bit of a challenge for me.

Amy has decided that 4.30am is the perfect time to wake up. If she'd only be having a feed that would be fine by me but after having what seems like the drink of the century (yes, it feels that long when all you want to do is go back to dream land) sleeping is the last thing on her mind. She gives me a cheeky grin and starts entertaining herself by loudly talking to the dark. Well, that is for the first two hours. Then she gets tired. But being tired doesn't equal going back to bed if you are a stubborn baby like her - people say, she's got that from me but they must confuse me with someone else. Anyway, sleeping is not on Amy's to do list after two action packed hours in the middle of the night - not even, if she can't keep her eyes open. No, if you see how much Amy fights sleep you might think that sleeping really sucks. Don't ask me who taught her that, it certainly wasn't me. I try rocking her to sleep. I let her Twinkle Twinkle Little Violet play lullabies and environmental sounds to her (normally an instant winner) but the more I try to help her settle the angrier she gets. You can't imagine what angry noises this cute little face can produce and how much strength she brings up when she wants to lift up her body so that she doesn't have to lie down - it surprises me every morning and admittedly, it slightly scares me thinking about how she'll kick off once she's older. In my horror visions, I already see her taking camp on the naughty step. In the nice ones, everything is pink and fluffy and full of butterflies and unicorns - you get the picture? It looks like this and after a 4 hours fight I can see it clearly:


  1. welcome to my world!
    My son slept through with no pb at all from 12 weeks or so.
    My daugther, she started sleeping through at 5 weeks, then after a couple of weeks, decided to go back to the old routine again.
    Now she's 10mo, ans she's been sleeping through and not asking for a bottle during the night, for just 3 weeks now! I just hope this will last!

  2. Oh let's hope we haven't jinxed it now x

  3. Aw she's very beautiful, if memory serves me right with my little ones round about 17 weeks sounds like a development or growth spurt, do you dream feed at 10:30-11pm? If not maybe try it, a bit more manageable than 4:30am, it may not stop until she starts to wean though, try to enjoy the time though don't see my guys now 7pm-7am which is great but I miss them! Thats wierd right?!

  4. She is gorgeous! Could be a growth spurt. Mind you you have had it lucky up til now - the nights when I was getting up lots you able to sleep thru lol! Mine still does get me up in the night but does at oeast go back to sleep now. Hopefully, Amy will soon get back into her old ways again xx

  5. Oh dear 4.30 is too early! She looks so sweet and innocent in that picture though!
    Mine went through that stage as well about the smae time - I think life just gets that much more exciting and they don't want to sleep any more. I know it seems like it will never end - but if you persevere with what you're doing she will settle into a more sociable routine.
    Hope you get a better night tonight!

  6. She wasn't back to her perfect sleeping pattern, e.g. going until 9am but 6.30am is an improvement. So looks like we are slowly getting back to normal...

  7. Aww thanks, lovely. Hope you and the boys are fine. Amy has been a little madam as you could read but she slept until 6.30am this morning so looks like we are slowly getting back on track so that mummy can be spoiled with lots of beauty sleep - she needs it after all xxx

  8. Thank you, I have to say I'm rather proud of her myself ;) No, I'm not dream feeding. She usually goes from around 7.30am until 9am the next morning without waking up. I tried to make sure she had some extra feeds today though so that will hope fully get us back to my 9am wake up time. Keep your fingers crossed x

  9. How very encouraging LOL Hope she just has a growth spurt and goes back to her normal routine. Much friendlier on her mummy :)



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