Thursday, 18 August 2011

Like washing up? No, me neither...

... and also Persil's new range of washing up liquids hasn't changed this BUT it has made washing the dishes a little bit nicer. We do have a dish washer (Thank God for that!) but I prefer washing sauce pans and frying pans by hand, simply because they need a good scrub in our house - you know, men in the kitchen and things like that. So having a fab range of nice smelling washing up liquids to chose from really boosts my spirits when I am on washing up duty. The new Persil range comes in four yummy fragrances: Apple Fizz, Lemon Burst, Pink Blush and Orange Crush, with vibrant colours to match their fresh and fruity aromas. 
We have been sent all four fragrances to try and although washing up isn't on top of my favourite-things-to-do list, these washing up liquids bring fun into your kitchen. I really liked that they are brightly coloured (always gets me in a happy smiley mood) and their smell is absolutely fantastic. My usual washing up liquid smells like exactly that - washing up liquid. The new Persil range, though, is really fruity and smells like you could drink it - I obviously won't do that but it's nice to be surrounded by non-synthetic smells, don't you think? My favourite is Pink Blush which reminds me of fresh pink grapefruit with lots of sugar... nom nom nom. I'm sure you would have guessed it sooner or later, but the new Persil range does not only smell nice but it is also antibacterial, which is always a plus when you've got a baby at home, and cleans your dishes really nicely. But what other would you expect from Persil. They aren't at the top of the market for nothing, are they?

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  1. Hazel Christopher29 August 2011 at 11:05

    I hate washing up too! Have yet to try persil washing up liquid but the fragrances sound lovely, and the bottles look nice and colourful too. My OH will only wash up if the washing up liquid has a lovely smell (he's such a kid)!



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