Sunday, 20 March 2011

Has pregnancy made me public property?

I am 37 weeks pregnant and although I didn't show for a very long time (thanks to my little swim ring of excess weight my baby belly wasn't that easy to make out), it is more than obvious now that there is a little person growing inside of me. It's an amazing feeling to know that I am carrying a baby and it makes me incredibly proud that I am that little person's mummy. I don't have any problems with the fact that my belly has become bigger, although overall I have lost weight during my pregnancy, but I find it more than annoying, that since having fallen pregnant, everyone thinks that I am public property. People think they can comment on my body whenever they want or even touch it without asking my permission.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to daddy-to-be's sister birthday party and there were lots of people there who I had never met before. They were all really friendly, asked many questions about my pregnancy and were generally showing lots of interest in my baby belly. I enjoyed talking to them, especially as many of them were experienced mums themselves, but it all started to get annoying when one of the ladies started rubbing my belly. I didn't see it coming and was so shocked about her rudeness that I didn't even think of saying something - for everyone who doesn't know me personally: me not saying something is a total rarity.
I am not a touchy feely person as it is: I don't like kiss here-kiss there greetings. I prefer having a certain distance between myself and the person I talk to and I most certainly don't want strangers touching me. To say the least, situations like the one above, make me feel utterly uncomfortable. I feel very protective over my belly, afterall it's the temporary home of my baby, and it just shocks me when strangersgrope it as if my belly was nothing more than a big lump of skin that happens to be attached to my body. To me it's my baby that people are touching when they reach out for my belly - it is something so innocent and pure that I can't feel anything else but the need to protect it from all the grabbers and touchers of the outside world.

I don't know if I am already turning into a freaky and overprotective mummy or if all pregnant ladies feel as sensitive about their body as I do, but I would love to hear how your environment has reacted to your belly. Were they more respectful than the people around me or did they jump at every opportunity to rub their hands over your belly and sometimes even more inappropriate parts of your body? Did you enjoy sharing your baby's movements or have you wished for the gropers' hands to fall off there and then?


  1. As a friend recently told me - just wait until she's out and people start pinching her cheeks!

  2. That'll drive me insane, I feel my anger brewing already LOL

  3. oi slut. i hope you die. your not special., stop trying to act as if your better then everyone else. 



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