Friday, 4 March 2011

Our Build-A-Bear Adventure

Last week, the lovely people from Build-A-Bear were so kind to invite Ben (daddy-to-be) and I to visit one of their many workshops. On Wednesday we made our way to their shop in the Gallery Bristol where we met Jason, our personal Bear Builder.

Jason showed us around the shop and introduced us to the different stations before we started building our own furry friend or better said baby girl's furry friend. As we are both a bit too old for teddy bears, we decided to build a bear for our soon to be born daughter which made our experience that little bit extra special. 

Baby Bear in Baby Girl's cot

Altogether, there are seven stations you have to go through before you can take your teddy home. The first of them is called "Choose Me". As you might guess this is where all the fun begins. You can choose your favourite from over 30 stuffed animals (bunnies, bears, kitties, dogs and many more) before you go over to the next station: "Hear Me". We picked a lovely light brown teddy bear that does not only have a really friendly smile and cute little eyes but that is also hypo-allergenic, so extra friendly for newborn babies - a fact that we would not have even thought of considering if our Bear Builder had not told us about it. At the next station "Hear Me" we picked a funny little giggle for our bear before we went over to fill baby girl's furry friend with lots of white squashy stuffing. The next step was a really important one. Jason told us to both take a heart out of a litte box, shake it, kiss it and make a wish for our little girl before carefully placing it in teddy's tummy. We both kept our wishes secret - you've got to to make sure they become true, don't you?

As both, Ben and I aren't what you would call skilled needleworkers, the next station was Jason's time to shine. With a couple of skillfull stiches he sealed our bear's back and we were ready to give baby's furry friend a beauty treatment of the special kind: a Fluff Me-shower. Bear's fur came out nice and shiny and was even softer than before, perfect for little babies to cuddle with. To make sure that our new family member stays nice and warm, we went over to the Dress Me station of the workshop and I can honestly say that I have never even dreamt about there being such a big choice of clothing for a stuffed animal. There were lovely summer dresses, football kits, punky leather jackets and a lovely pink little baby outfit with a little hat, a top and a gorgeous little rattle and snuggle blanket - if that's not the perfect outfit for a little baby girl, we don't know what is.

But what is a teddy bear without a name? All my teddy's had names and although Ben's didn't we were sure that we couldn't take this little fella home without naming him properly. So we sat down in front of one of two computer screens, went through a naming book for stuffed animals and in the end decided that it was up to our little girl what she would like to call her new friend once she's a bit older. Until then teddy will have to listen to the name that we put in his official birth certificate - Baby Bear. 

We would like to thank Build-A-Bear for a great afternoon and experience. We had a great time and are really grateful that you took the time to show us around and explain everything we needed to know to make sure our little girl gets her perfect first teddy bear. We are sure she will absolutely love it and daddy-to-be has already mentioned that he'll definitely pop round for years and years to come.

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