Friday, 4 March 2011

Flashback Friday: 1986 - Giving the paparazzi a run for their money


1986 - Giving the paparazzi a run for their money (18 months)

The picture above shows me on the doorstep of my grandparents' house and I like to pretend that they trusted me enough to let me, 18 month old toddler, run around with my granddad's camera. But infact, the case is empty and the picture you are now looking at has been taken with the camera that normally sits in it. My grandparents, especially my grandad, have always had a camera on them, no matter if we were just spending time in their garden or if we were having a day out. Although, I am personally not a big fan of having my picture taken nowadays, I did enjoy it back then. The best thing about my families passion for photography is that there are millions of photos that show me as a baby, toddler, and so on, so I have plenty of material to show off during the coming months. I have friends whose parents didn't bother with the whole creating memories thing, but I am grateful that my family did because, especially now that I am expecting a baby myself, I love going through my photo albums, walking down memory lane and remembering the great time I had.

If you’re interested in trawling back through the photo archives, then pop over to Cafe Bebe every Friday for Flashback Friday. For now, let’s just get the ball rolling. Look back in your photo archives. It can be a picture of you as a child…your child in the early days/months/years…your house before a makeover…a winter photo…a “one year ago today” photo…The sky’s the limit. Just take us back in time. Share some words to take us there and we can all get nostalgic and smiley remembering “when”. Then, the important part: Go back to Cafe Bebe and add your linky in the gadget below the current Flashback Friday post. Then visit a few blogs to continue the nostalgia and smiley-ness. Simples!


  1. Bless Carolin! You're adorable! ;) I remember cameras like that...those cases were brilliant as well. You're a perfect #FlashbackFriday participant. Thanks so much for joining in again! ;)


  2. My family had a passion for photography too, I'm so pleased that I have so many photos to look back on - it does make choosing ones for Flashback friday harder though!

  3. You were so cute :)
    It's lovely having so many of your baby photos to look back on be nice to compare with the photos of your baby. My baby photos are mainly on slides!

  4. Aww, thanks for your lovely comments, ladies. I'll do a post with pictures of baby girl, daddy and mummy and then we can see who she looks like, eeeeek exciting :D

  5. That is a wonderful picture! So lovely to have photographers in the family.

  6. Old photos are so precious.You are lucky that grandad was snap happy!

  7. Aw you are far too cute! I love that picture. Great that you have lots of material for flashback friday too - I'm loving this linky.



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