Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Review: Dry Like Me

That's what Dry Like Me says:

Dry Like Me is a disposable toilet training pad that fits in a child’s own pants, designed to capture small accidents, and help parents and children manage the stress and mess of toilet training. The pad can be worn in a number of different ways to manage a variety of different needs: at the front of the pants to capture wee, at the back to capture poo, both ways together or layered up to increase surface area. 
Unlike a nappy, children are aware they have wet the pad as it feels initially wet for a short period of time, and becomes heavy making it more noticeable in their pants. If they are soiling it will protect clothes and help reduce the mess making it easier to clean up and less stressful for everyone. The patent pending tabs were initially designed to help parents remove the pad hygienically, but they also help older children remove and replace the pads themselves. Each box comes with a handy plastic pouch which helps lighten the load, can be carried in handbags or school bags, and is waterproof in case of times when there are no suitable bins for disposal. Dry like Me toilet training pads are suitable for children of all ages. They are ideal for children experiencing on going small accidents, or who are toilet training and need confidence to continue toilet training in their own pants. Our pad is ideal for use in a car, while shopping, on journeys, or at school or nursery. Dry Like Me is avaible in Morrisons, ASDA Living Store, Wilkonson and online via ERIC's shop and retails at £3.49 for 18 pads.

That's what Laura, mum of a two year old, says:

Dry Like Me is a fabulous brand new product that will really make a difference to the stressed out mums if potty training toddlers.
My daughter is two years old and got the hang of potty training quite quickly, except for the fact that she would persistently have small accidents. This meant that whenever she said she needed the toilet I felt very stressed and dashed with her to the nearest toilet - as I was pregnant with my second child this started to get harder and harder, it also meant that I couldn't leave the house without about 10 pairs of her clean knickers with me. Dry Like Me is fabulous as the small pads gave me complete piece of mind, she still knows when she's had a little accident but I don't have to worry or stress, or change her clothes all the time, if she leaks a little bit then it goes in the pad and she stays dry. The only things I would change is - the rigidity of the pads, we have to spend a couple of minutes crumpling them up before putting them in her knickers as otherwise they're a bit hard for her and she doesn't like them. The only downside is they won't catch a full accident but then they're not a nappy so why should they! Fabulous product - it's all we use now day and night, we've been getting them from Morrison's and just wish they were more widely available. I forgot how much I paid for them, but I don't really care as they are simply brilliant. Thanks so much for letting us try this product out, it's made a real difference to my stress levels and therefore our lives.


  1. Potty training can be very stressful, especially if the child doesn't take to it. These sound like a great idea - you write a fabulous review.

    CJ xx

  2. I've just started using these and I think they are fab. My 3 year old son has been withholding his poo and it has been really stressful for us all, especially when we go out. Dry Like Me pads have saved our sanity, as well as numerous pairs of pants!

  3. This is a great review Carolin and thanks for wanting to link up to the Going Potty carnival! Xx



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